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Boardee BVB Pro Set Beach Volleyball Professional Posts sets are now available.

Setting up the beach volleyball courts are very easy with this post system. Moreover, you can remove it whenever you want and store it safely in your warehouse.

One of the main seeks for beach volleyball courts is being able to adjust the net height easily. That is very easy with Boardee post system. You release the valve and take the pole up and down with an easy push and then tighten the valve again to stable the net at desired height. They are regularly used in professional beach volleyball European and World Tour events around the World. They are also very useful for beach tennis events.

Boardee BVB Pro Set Beach Volleyball Professional Posts

Ürün Kodu: 234BVBPROSET234
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  • 1 pair of 90x90 mm special casting Aluminum Pole Set

    1 pair of galvanized special casting T-shaped metal foot tube (set)

    6 pieces of 1.5 long 90x90 mm thick planks

    2 tensioning apparatus and rope (as a pole-mounted)

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