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Boardee portable scoreboard is specifically designed for outdoor sports as well as indoor sports.


It is perfect for use by referees, players, coaches, event organizers, and spectators to keep and display the score during games.


Boardee is flat, compact, and convenient, yet it sacrifices nothing in terms of visibility. Other scoreboards are triangular and bulky. Boardee is small and light enough to be carried anywhere and its numbers are big enough to be seen from far away.


Boardee clips onto a table, beach chair, and similar; stands upright on a table; and hangs from a lanyard. But that’s not all! Boardee is designed to work in the wind, too. Boardee has card holders so that windy beach conditions don’t change the score. With Boardee, you no longer have to rearrange the scores at every side switch!


Score is visible from both the front and the back and numbers go up to 30.


When the teams switch sides, just rotate Boardee with a flip of the wrist and the scores switch sides with the teams.


All parts are replaceable, and no assembly is required other then set scoring cards. They are easily mounted on the board.


Dimensions: 7.1 x 0.3 x 5.1 inches ; 13 ounces


There is nothing like Boardee in the market!


Here are the great features of Boardee:

- Clips onto a table or a beach chair.

- Stands upright on a table.

- Hangs from a lanyard.

- Stable scoring cards in the wind.

- Score visible from both the front and the back.

- Side changes with a flip of the wrist.

- Numbers go up to 30.

- Can be used like a clipboard.

- Replaceable parts.

- No assembly required.

- Easy to store and travel with.



  • Voleybol direği, hakem koltuğu, plaj sandalyesi, pano veya top arabası gibi herhangi bir yere klipslenir (ilk kez)
  • Bir kordondan boyna asılır ve eller serbest olacak şekilde hakemlik yapılabilir (ilk kez)
  • Açılabilir kart askıları ile istenirse kart değiştirilebilir veya daha fazlasını eklenebilir.
  • Rüzgarda büyük sayıların uçmaması için ek klipsleri vardır.
  • Çok sahalı turnuvalar, antrenörler, öğretmenler, animatörler, oteller, okullar, organizatörler için mükemmel bir skorborddur.
  • İstenirse masa üstü skorbord olarak da kullanılabilir.
  • Tüm parçalar değiştirilebilir.
  • Her yerde taşıması ve saklaması kolaydır.

Boardee Portable Scoreboard - First & Only, Attachable and Hangable Scoreboard

Ürün Kodu: 21554345656
$35.00 Normal Fiyat
$24.99İndirimli Fiyat
Vergi hariç

    Clips on to anywhere like a volleyball post, referee chair, Beach chair, clipboard or ball cart (first ever)

    Hangs from a lanyard (first ever)

    Openable card hangers so you can take cards or put more

    Stable game scoring cards in the wind (first ever, only for big cards)

    Perfect for multi-court tournaments, coaches, youth volleyball

    Can be used as table-top scoreboard or clipboard scoreboard as well

    All parts are replacable

    Easy to cary and store anywhere 

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