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Boardee Portable Scoreboard Clip on, Wearable, Table Top Score keeper for Volleyball Beach Volleyball Tennis Billiards Basketball Flipboard is specifically designed for outdoor sports as well as indoor sports.


Boardee is no ordinary scoreboard! Boardee is specifically designed for outdoor sports as well as indoor sports. Boardee is perfect for use by referees, players, coaches, event organizers, and spectators to keep and display the score during games. Boardee is flat, compact and convenient, yet it sacrifices nothing in terms of visibility. Other scoreboards are triangular and bulky. Boardee is small and light enough to be carried anywhere and its numbers are big enough to be seen from far away. But that’s not all!


Boardee is designed to work in the wind. It has card holders so that windy beach conditions don't change the score. Boardee can also store pool sheets, so there is no need for a clipboard. With Boardee, you no longer have to rearrange the scores at every side switch! When the teams switch sides, just rotate Boardee with a flip of the wrist and the scores switch sides with the teams.


Boardee can be used for most sports like indoor/outdoor volleyball, table tennis, tennis, wrestling, street basketball, karate billiards, badminton, soccer, beach tennis, etc. Boardee’s features are great for outdoor and indoor amateur and local competitions as well as professional competitions. It is also a great product for the practices. Coaches can use Boardee in their practices, too.


There is nothing like Boardee in the market!


Here are the great features of Boardee:

- Clips onto a table or a beach chair.

- Stands upright on a table.

- Hangs from a lanyard.

- Stable scoring cards in the wind.

- Score visible from both the front and the back.

- Side changes with a flip of the wrist.

- Numbers go up to 30.

- Can be used like a clipboard.

- Replaceable parts.

- No assembly required.

- Easy to store and travel with.

Boardee Portable Scoreboard Clip on, Wearable, Table Top Score Keeper

SKU: 21554345656
Excluding Sales Tax

    First & Only Clip On Scoreboard: Clips On To Anywhere Like A Beach Chair, Referee Chair Or Ball Cart. (First Ever)

    First & Only Wearable Scoreboard: Hangs From A Lanyard. (First Ever) Hang It Around Your Neck Or On A Wall, Fence. It's Your Scoreboard, Your Way.

    Strong And Durable: Boardee Now Has Reinforced Plastic Parts And Score Cards.

    Stable Score Cards In The Wind: Game Score Cards Have Special Clips In Front Of Them To Keep Them Stable Even In Windy Conditions. (Big Cards Only)

    Score Cards: Game Point Numbers Go Up To 30. Set Point Numbers Go Up To 7. Change The Numbers If You Wish! Card'S Holding Rings Are Openable Therefore You Can Change The Numbers Upon Need.

    Portable And Compact: Easy To Use, Carry And Store. Boardee Is Light Enough To Be Carried Anywhere And Its Numbers Are Big Enough To Be Seen From Far Away. Take Your Scoreboard With You On The Go.

    Multi-Sport Versatility: It's Suitable For A Wide Range Of Sports And Games: Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Etc.

    Use It As Clipboard: Stores A Stats/Pool Sheet On Its Back. (First Ever)

    Easy Side Switches: Rotates Around Itself Easily. Easy Side Switches With Double-Sided Scoring Cards.

    Portable And Visible: Boardee Is Flat, Compact, And Convenient, Yet It Sacrifices Nothing In Terms Of Visibility. Other Scoreboards Are Triangular And Bulky.



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