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If you would like to learn all aspects of beach volleyball, here is the source you need!
The book contains 16 chapters but you don't have to start reading it from the beginning. You can just go directly to the chapter you would like to have more information and enjoy it! All Aspects of Beach Volleyball is a book that you can read and benefit whenever you would like to. It is also combined with QR codes which makes reaching to the sample drills, athletes' careers' web pages and sources which were referred to. (From this point of view it is its first kind!)

"All Aspects of Beach Volleyball" is the first and only book that goes into details with beach volleyball in all its aspects.

In the book, the author gave detailed information about almost every subject that a beach volleyball athlete, coach, manager, and organizer will need. This is a book which keeps the reader attracted to reading more and more with the interesting information and with more than 800 photographs and more than 75 tables and figures.

What’s inside:

  • Its history, structure, and top events in the world
  • Some of the legends and famous athletes
  • Detailed basic techniques and strategies
  • Sample training programs and practice schedules
  • Temporary and permanent court and facility Installation
  • Coaching tips
  • How to prepare a sponsorship presentation
  • Tips for athletes when competing at official tournaments
  • How to organize national and international tournaments
  • How to read tournament brackets
  • The path to go to Olympics
  • And more...

The total number of pages is 456, but the content of the book is arranged in such a way that the readers can start from wherever they want according to their needs. It contains more than 800 photographs and more than 75 tables and figures. This resource, which is designed in the taste of a magazine and it touches on almost every subject related to beach volleyball without boring the readers.

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The book specially designed so you can start from the subject you need/want to learn first.


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(456 pages, Four Colors Printed on 90 gr Coated Paper, 300 gr Stitched Coated Cover)


Please send an e-mail to the following email address to order All Aspects of Beach Volleyball books:

All Aspects of Beach Volleyball Book - The latest most comprehensive BV Book

SKU: 9786250008027
$24.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

    Edition Language:  Turkish

    Dimension:  14.5  cm x 20.5  cm

    Binding Condition: 300gr Coated Paper American Hardcover - Stitched

    Inner Paper: White - 90gr Coated Paper 

    Color: All pages print in 4 colors - More than 800 photos and 75 shapes

    Release Date: December 2021

    Author: Oguz Değirmenci

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